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vision correction

Our doctors have many options to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses including all-laser LASIK, PRK, and cataract surgery with relaxing incisions.  The eye doctors perform these surgeries in the Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon & York, PA areas.

Surface Laser Treatment: PRK

PRK, or Photo-refractive keratectomy, treats refractive errors by removing tissue from the surface of the cornea. Our surgeons may recommend this if the shape or thickness of your cornea meets certain criteria.

Before the procedure, your eye is numbed using "eye drop" anesthesia and an instrument is placed between the eyelids to prevent blinking. Your surgeon, using a laser, removes the proper amount of tissue and reshapes the cornea's surface. By altering the shape or placement of the laser beam, the cornea is made flatter to treat nearsightedness, steeper to treat farsightedness, and/ or more rounded to treat astigmatism. You will wear a bandage contact lens for three to five days after the surgery. Your surgeon may recommend treating one eye at a time because recovery with this surgery may take longer.

Relaxing Incisions

Modern advances in cataract surgery allow many patients to see well after surgery without glasses. Modern lens implants can correct farsightedness and nearsightedness quite well.

Relaxing IncisionsTo fix astigmatism, or irregular shape, our surgeons can place precise incisions in the cornea to improve vision. These incisions are made under local anesthesia, so you feel no pain. After the procedure, the eye can feel scratchy for a few days.

These incisions can be performed at the same time as your cataract surgery. If you have already had cataract surgery, these treatments can be performed in our procedure suite.

Types of Correction

Surface Laser Treatment: PRK

Surface Laser Treatment-PRK
PRK-Area of Cornea Being Treated