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News & Events - International Eye Care, Mission Trips

Dr. Rosenwasser Provides International Eye CareDr. Rosenwasser has traveled widely on medical mission trips. He began doing this with World Blindness Outreach in the early 1990s and with them traveled to Ukraine, Argentina, Peru and Belize. His more recent mission work has included work with the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital. This is an organization that flies an eye hospital in a DC10 to various countries. The eye hospital has aboard a full ophthalmic operating room, examination area, a laser suite, a television studio and an approximately 50-person classroom. The classroom is completely audio-visually linked to the operating room. This allows surgeons to see new techniques while actually sitting on the plane or in remote locations and conversing directly with the surgeon. Dr. Rosenwasser has participated in ORBIS trips in Peru, Kenya, Ethiopia and India. Dr. Rosenwasser's wife, Miriam, frequently accompanies him and performs eye banking duties during the teaching missions. www.ORBIS.org.

Dr. Rosenwasser is also the author of Introduction to Eye Banking, A Handbook and Atlas, A Guide to Eye Bank Techniques, Corneal Evaluation and Grading. He co-authored this one of a kind guide to eye banking with Bill Nicholson, at the time, a talented medical illustrator and medical student. Dr. Nicholson is now a successful interventional cardiologist in York, Pennsylvania. The Atlas has been published in English and widely distributed to eye banks around the United States, Canada and internationally. The Eye Bank Atlas has also been translated into Vietnamese and distributed through sources in Vietnam. A Spanish translation has been completed, but not yet published. A translation to Japanese is currently underway. The atlas in English has been electronically published as well and is viewable at: