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Evaluation of genetic diseases and syndromes of the anterior segment

Genetic eye diseases are inherited and usually affect both eyes equally. Some cause minimal symptoms and others can cause significant visual impairment.

Our eye doctors at Central PA Eye Institute in Hershey, PA can examine other members of your family to determine if this condition may be inherited. They work with other researchers to help identify new genes responsible for these conditions. If you choose to participate in the research studies, you may be given a more extensive questionnaire and be asked to submit a genetic sample.

Genetic studies performed by researchers around the world have yielded new insight into 13 different corneal dystrophies. Dr. Rosenwasser has been instrumental in identifying the genetics of the Avellino dystrophy. He has also recently studied posterior amorphic corneal dystrophy in collaboration with Anthony Aldere, M.D. and his tea at UCLA. Dr. Rosenwasser is a principal investigator of the Fuch's Endothelial corneal dystrophy study, directing site 25 of the study at the Central Pennsylvania Eye Institute.

Dr. Rosenwasser has also participated in genetic studies identifying the molecular genetic basis for neurofibromatosis, myotenic dystrophy, and Von Hipel Linday disease.
Genetic Eye Diseases